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Dynamic and quite versatile!

We’ve been working with Promotel for the past few years and the service continues to be highly professional and always on the button! The Promotel team is dynamic and quite versatile!
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In-store audio advertising and royalty free music broadcasting

In-store audio advertising is an effective marketing strategy. It allows you to keep your clientele up-to-date about promotions and to communicate special news at key moments throughout the year. Are you planning sales sprints? Do you need to adapt your messages to the average time a customer spends in your store? Nothing could be easier! Messages can be customized and played strategically according to your company’s specific needs.  And don’t forget musical ambiance! Background music is every bit as important, because it positions you with your clientele.

This service includes:

  • Research of relevant topics
  • Advice from our experienced staff copywriters
  • Production of original, catchy and informative advertising messages
  • Translation (as needed)
  • Voice-over audio
  • Delivery of messages to the equipment
  • Message programming (designated play times and frequencies)
  • Custom music banks
  • Royalty free music broadcasting
  • After-sales service and technical support
  • Equipment lease and warranty
  • Optional installation and sound system assistance


After studying the equipment on the market and their respective capabilities, Promotel was able to develop its own in-store audio advertising system. The primary advantage to our equipment is its remote Internet management capability. Your contract covers the equipment lease and systematic replacement of equipment should it fail to operate correctly. This means you will never be stuck with a defective or outdated system.

Promotel gives you peace of mind with our turnkey service!

  • Weekly package

    Every week, Promotel’s staff copywriters review your special offers and suggest text containing promotional information for certain products. This package is especially effective for businesses such as pharmacies and supermarkets.

  • Monthly package

    This package keeps pace with your store’s monthly themes, latest products and new promotions. Use it to capture your customers’ attention!

  • Custom package

    We offer custom packages based on your estimated in-store audio advertising needs each month. For example, we can offer access to an unlimited number of messages.