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Value-added services

After working with Promotel for the past year to produce our telephone greetings and hold messages, we’re happy to report that their outstanding team has met our needs with flying colours, thus allowing us to offer our own customers value-added services!

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Have you thought about including on-hold messages in your marketing strategy?

Use the time your customers spend on hold to keep them informed! Our team of experts will customize your messages for your business. You’ll appreciate the quality and professionalism of Promotel’s recordings as well as our turnkey services!

This service includes:

  • Research of relevant topics
  • Advice from our experienced copywriters
  • Production of original, catchy and informative advertising messages
  • Translation (as needed)
  • Voice-over audio
  • Editing
  • Remote delivery of messages to the equipment
  • Automatic information updates
  • After-sales service and technical support
  • Regular follow-up by a staff copywriter assigned to your account
  • Access to a huge bank of copyright-free soundtracks (Customer Zone)
  • Equipment lease and warranty
  • IP-compatible service


Did you know that Promotel develops and builds its own equipment? We studied the various on-hold message management systems on the market and are now equipped to perfectly adapt our services to our customers’ needs! The Promotel team broadcasts messages remotely via the Internet. And because your contract covers the lease of the equipment, we’ll replace your device at no extra cost, should it be defective, or upgrade it to keep up with the latest technology.

Automatic updates

The entire information updating process is handled in-house at Promotel, thanks to our remote management capability via the Internet. This is the Promotel difference! Exactly how does it work? We program segment withdrawals on given dates. For example, a promotion will be withdrawn once it has ended. Use this option to promote your special events! There is no extra charge for automatic information updates. Ask about!

  • 4-season package

    With each new season, there’s a new opportunity to update your on-hold message. This package includes a bank of four recordings per year.

  • 5-message package

    In addition to changing your message with the seasons, we prepare a special recording for the Christmas holidays. Many companies use this opportunity to announce their holiday schedule, thank their loyal clientele and send season’s greetings.

  • Monthly package

    We suggest our monthly package for companies that regularly hold special events or periodically feature new promotions. For example, this package is ideal for car dealerships and entertainment venues.

  • Multiple locations package

    Ask about preferential rates for companies that use our services in more than one of their locations!