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Voice Messaging

Value-added services

After working with Promotel for the past year to produce our telephone greetings and hold messages, we’re happy to report that their outstanding team has met our needs with flying colours, thus allowing us to offer our own customers value-added services!

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Voice messages, voicemail and greeting messages

Do you use an automated answering system? An automated system is a practical way to direct incoming calls to the right department. With the right system, you can be sure that a client’s experience contacting your company is positive. This is where Promotel steps in!

Once the tree structure (the navigation diagram for different departments) of your voice messaging system has been designed, our professional voice actors record a script, and our technicians edit and deliver the files. We guarantee a product of impeccable sound quality!

This service includes:

  • Script adjustments
  • Translation (as needed)
  • File delivery to the company handling your telephone system (this company then implements the files)
Now is the time to standardize your company's audio brand!